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We share your SoundCloud track with our big list of subscribers. Therefore, based on our 5 years of experience with SoundCloud Promotion, around 10% of people who see our share will get you SoundCloud plays or make other type of engagement. So, the better is your track the better are the chances to get more involvement from our list of subscribers!



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Sharing with 4000 people 

Min. 2000 Plays & 30 likes

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$23 $15

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Sharing with 30000 people

Min. 15000 Plays & 200 likes

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Sharing with 100000 people

Min. 40000 Plays & 500 likes

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Buy our organic promotion and get SoundCloud plays for your post!

  • Firstly, we share your track with subscribers interested in the genre of your track. So, you get genuine SoundCloud plays.
  • More than that, BuyComment invite only real users.
  • Most importantly, you have the possibility to buy promotion and get comments, followers, likes and other types of engagement. Therefore, buy our organic promotion and become more popular!
  • That is to say, we can offer SoundCloud plays and many other services. So, just contact us for a personalized offer!

Why should people have organic SoundCloud plays?

  • If you want to be a popular artist then you must be on SoundCloud. Certainly, it is one of the most popular music platform in the world. Therefore, millions and millions of tracks are uploaded there. In other words, we are talking about rap, rock, pop, electric, etc.


  • Even more, we all know that SoundCloud is important for your promotion. As a result, how to get visibility with these millions of tracks available there? First of all, SoundCloud will recommend and rank pages better if they have engagements (SoundCloud plays). So, if you buy organic SoundCloud promotion, you will trigger this evaluation process and your page will be recommended to other users as well.


  • SoundCloud is increasing a track's ranking when it is getting comments and likes. Consequently, when there is no engagement (no SoundCloud plays), it suspects that comments and likes are not natural and stops increasing its position. So, in order to convince the platform's algorithm to increase your ranking, you need SoundCloud plays from REAL persons, not bots. To sum up, you can read more about SoundCloud algorithm here.

Money Back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee - If you don't like the service, you get back 100% in 30 days without any questions! You have no risk at all!

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Nice guys

Rated 5 out of 5
June 5, 2021

People who manage this platform are very nice. Had a good communiction and we have found a way to match my needs! Thanks! You can ask whatever you want! They can help with everything related to social media!

Avatar for Antoine Prost
Antoine Prost

Awesome services

Rated 5 out of 5
January 7, 2022

I’ve got comments in 4 languages for my groups! Don’t know how they are doing it but it is awesome.

Avatar for Miranda Velez
Miranda Velez

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