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We share your SoundCloud track with our big list of subscribers. Therefore, based on our 5 years of experience with SoundCloud Promotion, around 10% of people who see your track will leave a comment or make other type of engagement. So, the better is your music the better are the chances to get more involvement from our list of subscribers!



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Sharing with 120 people 

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Min. 12 Comments & 7 Likes

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Buy our organic promotion and get SoundCloud comments for your post!

  • Firstly, we share your post with subscribers interested in the genre of your music. So, you get genuine SoundCloud comments.
  • More than that, BuyComment invite only real users.
  • Most importantly, you have the possibility to choose what SoundCloud Comments do you want. Therefore, buy our organic promotion and send us your list of comments!
  • That is to say, we can offer SoundCloud comments in different languages. So, just contact us for a personalized offer

Why do you need Soundcloud comments for your tracks?

  • Firstly, for a viral SoundCloud promotion: if you have SoundCloud comments, you will boost the engagement related to your music. As a result, SoundCloud algorithm will notice that and will increase your rank and also recommend your tracks to other listeners. In other words, it assumes that since people are commenting, it means that there is something interesting about your track. So, in order to increase the visibility of your SoundCloud track, you need comments from REAL persons, not bots.


  • Secondly, people don’t have time to do their own research. Therefore, usually they look at what other people have experienced. In other words, that’s why it is important to have positive engagement (SoundCloud comments) bellow your track. So, if the feedback from the previous listeners is positive, then your new audience will be more prone to listen to your music. Also, don’t forget about Record Labels for example. Similarly, they will analyse your creation and the comments left by your listeners. Certainly, you don’t want a few negative comments to ruin your chances.


  • If you get SoundCloud comments you will gain more listeners. Moreover,  you will also go viral, attract attention from agents and record companies. Consequently, you will get a better rank in the Soundcloud recommendation system, increase your credibility and popularity on Soundcloud, help your tracks to get a wider audience and increase the number of your fans.

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Money Back Guarantee - If you don't like the service, you get back 100% in 30 days without any questions! You have no risk at all!

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